Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Illumicrate Number 5 Unboxing (November 2016)

I keep meaning to do an Illumicrate unboxing but, like every great blog post idea I have, I rarely find the time to actually put pen to paper (or should I say fingers to keyboard?) and actually get it up on my blog!

I have been longing for a book subscription box for a long time, but as a university student I could never justify >£30 a month on one. Then, however, I discovered Illumicrate, which is quarterly. At £29.99, with free postage I found I could spare just £10 a month! So with that, I ordered my first box back in August 2016 (for the November box) and have been a huge fan ever since.

Check Illumicrate out here.

 There is nothing more exciting that having your Illumicrate box turn up in the post!

Here is a photo containing all of the items from that month. Not only are there obvious amazing goodies (books, signed book plates, socks, etc.) but the Illumicrate boxes always come with little extras such as bookmarks, postcards and posters.

The boxes always come with a packing list too so that you can check what you have, just in case something is missing (although this has never happened to me, it is reassuring!) I always avoid looking at this until I've unboxed it all, as I don't want to spoil the surprise.
The main book this month was The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid. I still haven't got around to reading this one yet, but it sure does sound interesting!

The book also came with a bookmark (with a discount code for another copy of the book), a letter from the author about her inspiration for the story, and a signed book plate.

 Up next was a gorgeous coffee cosy from Sparrow + Wolf! I use this every day when I'm at uni to not only keep my coffee a little warmer for a little longer, but to stop me from burning my hands. It's also super pretty!

 The box contained an exclusive AIDAN candle by Meraki candles. I haven't burnt it yet, but it does smell gorgeous when you open the tin!
 An exclusive Evil Plans notebook by House of Wonderland was
a nice addition, although I do wish it was lined instead of blank. Despite that, I am using it to make coding notes.

Happy Socks have been a well-worn addition to this box, wrapping up the seven main gifts! Having stalked the #illumicrate tag on instagram, I saw that there were a variety of styles randomly allocated to the boxes. These socks were so comfy and snazzy.
 Now onto the little extras!

This Six of Crows case is lovely! I wish I still had a bus pass that I could use it for.

A lovely Caraval postcard was included. I keep meaning to buy this book!
 This little Replica poster/flyer was a vibrant addition too.

Temporary tattoos for Wolf by Wolf were a quaint extra.

I really enjoyed the snippet of The One Memory of Flora Banks that was included. Read my review for it here.
 This was a cute little Christmas gift tag (that I will hoard and never actually use).

I really liked these double sided posters! 

The final part of the box was an Unconventional post card.

As you can see, this Illumicrate box was full of amazing gifts! I hope you enjoyed my unboxing post - leave your thoughts below!