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Book Review: Legendary by L.H. Nicole

Legendary – L.H. Nicole

*Warning – may contain spoilers*

Author: L.H. Nicole
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
First published: February 2014
Edition: eBook
Pages: 286

Blurb:    (Taken from Goodreads)
Aliana Fagan spent her childhood travelling the world, dreaming of legendary heroes and mythical lands. But after the sudden death of her parents, she hides behind the safety of her camera and her art until a vivid recurring dream compels her to dig into her father’s research about Avalon and Camelot. When she is hurled into a magical realm by forces she thought were only the stuff of fairy tales, she finds herself thrown into an adventure she could never have imagined. Nearly everything she thought she knew about Arthurian legend was wrong.
The independent eighteen-year-old is shocked to find that the people of Avalon think that she is the Destined One, the only person who can summon King Arthur back to life from his hidden chamber. Most surprising of all is that it’s up to her to lead the Knights of the Round Table on an epic quest – an adventure that will transport them across the seven magic realms to reclaim all that has been lost so they can defeat the evil Mordred for good. But first, she must bring the ancient warriors into her world and reunite the with their lost brothers. Chaperoning the legendary knights-with-a-chivalry-complex as they navigate the modern world is a constant challenge, and she certainly never thought she’d be caught between her intense feelings for the noble Sir Galahad and her growing friendship with the King.
To fulfil the prophecy, Aliana will have to discover the meaning of friendship, bravery, loyalty, true love, and forgiveness. But can she do it all in time to save the realms from Mordred’s impending Armageddon?

History of my copy: I received a free copy of Legendary through YA Bound Books in exchange for an honest review.

I jumped on the opportunity to read this book as soon as I got the offer. A modern girl having to save Camelot? Sounded exactly like my kind of book! (If you didn’t know, I’m rather obsessed with Arthurian legend. You can blame the fact that I live near Tintagel, Arthur’s supposed birthplace, for my adoration of anything related to the myth.) I was, unfortunately, rather disappointed.

Plot: The plot basically involved Aliana somehow ending up in this mystical land where she meets a dragon who convinces her to save Sir Galahad, who then gets her to save King Arthur. And that’s as far as I read because I couldn’t take anymore. I guess the plot had potential, but Nicole just really didn’t know what to do with it.

Setting: The setting was the only part of this book, besides the potential idea, that was even vaguely alright. It wasn’t a massively descriptive world building, but it was certainly sufficient to get across the places in which Aliana found herself. It wasn’t, however, amazing enough to carry the rest of the book’s downfalls.

Characters: I think the characters were what really ruined this book for me. I was going to criticise this whole book for the ‘absent parent’ thing that seems to be a recurrent theme in YA books (convenient ‘sudden death’ so the story can take place, ugh) but then when typing out the blurb, I realised that Aliana was 18. Sorry, what? She was petty, pathetic, a complete idiot… how on earth is she 18? I was more mature as a 12 year old! She spent literally the entire time going ‘oh how hot is Galahad? Oh Arthur is gorgeous! How shall I ever choose?” Girl, these are grown men from hundreds of years ago and you’re about to save the kingdom, stop being a little girl. Ugh, she was annoying and had no regard for the safety of others, nearly getting them killed numerous times because she’s smarter than a clever dragon. She also blushed every time the spoke or even looked at her? You’re a grown woman? You should not ‘swoon’ every time a bloke glances your way.
               Then there’s the dragon that was so unnecessary? Not sure what he added to the story. Stuck out like a sore thumb.
               And Galahad and Arthur (and no doubt the rest if I had ever got that far) had no characteristics beyond being good looking. Great. Real good heroes. Definitely going to defeat Mordred with a swish of their pretty locks. Ugh.

To read or not to read: Really don’t read. I mean, even if this is your kind of book, I’d be honestly surprised if you could make it to the end. It had the premise of a fantastic plot, but had totally ridiculous characters and a writing style that just really didn’t work well. Not a single part of it was actually enjoyable to me.

Ship It Or Rip It Part 4

Here is the fourth part of Ship It Or Rip It. I hope you're enjoying these installments. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see on my blog.

Eddie Gallagher (These Shallow Graves) and Clary (The Mortal Instruments)

Oh gosh yes, definitely shipping this! Eddie loves girls thatare strong-willed and independent and who better than the fiery heroine of The Mortal Instruments! I could also see Clary falling for Eddie's charm and with, just as she did with Jace.

Verdict: Ship it.

Devon (Raised By Wolves) and Hermione (Harry Potter)

I am actually super torn about this one. On one hand, I can see Devon's jokes and sense of humour being on par with Ron's, but I also can't see that being enough. Even ignoring the fact that Hermione is made for Ron and only Ron, I just really can't see these two hitting it off. Friends, yeah definitely. But romantically? No way

Verdict: Rip it.

Harry Potter (Harry Potter) and Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles)

Woah not in a million years. Harry doesn't want someone who's so OTT as Thorne, and let's face it, Harry is not Thorne's typical gorgeous girl. They might be able to get on as friends (although I'm not entirely convinced) but definitely not as lovers. And besides, I ship them with their own respective partners way too hard anyway.

Verdict: Rip it.

Jacob (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and Marlee (The Selection)

I actually see these 2 working and it's kind of cute! Jacob is such a lovely guy and would definitely shower Marlee with the most amazing pastries ever, and Marlee is such a kind-hearted girl who would adore everything Jacob would do for her.

Verdict: Ship it.

Lake (Rasied by Wolves) and Wolf (The Lunar Chronicles)

Ohmygosh yes! Even though I'm not a particular fan of Wolf and I adore Lake, I can actually see this pair 100% working, even outside of their wolfish characteristics. Lake is such a sassy badass, just like Scarlet, and so I can see her being just fiery enough to keep Wolf happy and on his toes. Wolf is a complete hero, just as Lake adores. I want this to happen!

Verdict: Ship it.

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Thanks for reading! I've loved doing these posts and the fantastic ships that come out of it. Are you enjoying them? If so, comment your views below and any characters you would love to see included next time!