About Me

Hi fellow bibliophiles! I'm Kat, 21 years old from Cornwall in England. I'm currently studying medicine at Plymouth University, which is why I don't post quite as much as I would like to.

I am a huge music fan (mostly rock and pop-punk, with a bit of country thrown in) and an avid reader. I mostly read YA fiction, but I also enjoy science non-fiction and adult historic novels. I usually give everything a try, regardless of genre. After all, if it's good, it's good, regardless of what it's labelled as!

After receiving an adult colouring book for Christmas, I have been sucked into the craze, although I rarely have time to do any. I have also just started a bullet journal to begin use in May! The hugely popular Minimalist Bullet Journal group was my idea and so I admin that along with a bunch of other people too. 

Furthermore, I am a keen member of bookstagram as I love sharing photos of books and seeing others and reading their opinions on them. Seriously, I waste too much precious time just scrolling through book-related tags and double-tapping too many posts!

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