Review Policy and Recommendations

I am more than happy to help review anyone's books! All you have to do is drop me an e-mail at Currently I am in a position to accept most, if not all. I shall always reply to your e-mail, saying whether I am interested or currently too busy.
I tend to only accept physical copies but may accept e-books if it really interests me. I accept both ARCs and final copies, along with any self-published books.
My main preference is YA, but I am open to trying anything.
I also accept colouring books and any bookish products (e.g. bookmarks and notebooks).

I am also very grateful if anyone would like to recommend any books to me, and I shall add them to my 'to read' list.

Please use the e-mail above if you would like me to host a giveaway, have you featured or interviewed on my blog, or if you would like me to feature on your blog.

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