Sunday, 6 December 2015

Doctor Who Finale

I was unable to watch the final episode of the current series of Doctor Who last night as my grandparents came out. However, I watched it this morning and my initial reaction was 'wow what an episode!'
Unlike many people I know, I am a huge Clara fan and have loved the way her character has developed, and the way her relationship with the Doctor has really evolved over the past two series with Peter Capaldi. I was absolutely devastated when she died a few episodes ago, and I will admit that a few tears were shed.
This episode really delved into how different Capaldi's Doctor is compared to the previous of the modern Doctors. He was willing to risk everything to save his Clara as he blamed himself for making her reckless.
The fact the Doctor has lost all his memories regarding Clara is a bit of a let down, as it will feel to an extent that the past few series have never really existed, but it does open up a possibility of an episode, or even series, where Clara returns and the Doctor re-discovers his memory of her. Furthermore, I can't have been the only one who felt the ending opened up a possible spin-off series? (Although I severely doubt it will ever happen.) And I can't have been the only one to have laughed at the possibility of an American Diner flying through space and time. Also, I don't think I was alone when my heart clenched at the mere mention of dear Amy and Rory.
I only found two let downs in this episode. One being that I really hoped for another appearance of Missy, who I was really expecting to be in the final episode and even somehow a course of Clara's death. I also expected the Doctor's return to Gallifrey to be a bit more meaningful and special. However, perhaps that shall be explored more in the next series?
All I can say is that I am so excited for the Christmas special and eagerly anticipate the next series!

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