Monday, 4 January 2016

Enchanted Forest Postcards Part 1

For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive the beautiful Enchanted Forest Postcards by Johanna Basford. I'm entirely new to adult colouring and, although apprehensive of it at first (I believed it was highly overrated), I now have to admit I was wrong! I'm hooked, and it has really helped me relax.
Because of this, I'm going to publish any colourings I finish, and I would love to hear if any of you are colourers too!
All the pens and pencils I used are in the photo. The majority of it was done using Stabilo fineliners. I used a couple metallic pencils on the gate and around the flames, and all the gold on the gate is done using a gel pen I found on my desk. I also used a standard pencil for some of the rocks and the gate.
The only problem with this book, is that some of the details are nearly impossibly small, and that's coming from a 17-year-old with perfect vision!
Please feel free to comment any tips, or to ask about anything!


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    1. Thankyou! It took me quite a while and, as it was my first one, I am really impressed with how it turned out