Sunday, 5 June 2016

Just A Quick Update

Hello everyone! 

Over the next month, I have my a-level exams and so I'll be studying like mad. These exams are really important to me as I need a total of 3 A's out of my 6 subjects to get into medical school and so the pressure is on! Because of this, I'll be posting a lot less. Whilst I have a few tour spots scheduled to at least keep something happening over the next month, I can't guarantee that I'll be posting much else.

As a consequence, #SundaySeven will be put on hold for the next month and probably won't return until July. I will, however, hope to keep my bookstagram running, so keep following me there for some awesome bookish photos! I have also just started a studygram so for school notes and my bullet journal, go check that one out too.

Thanks to all this studying, I'm super behind on my book reviews too. In fact, I have a total of 3 that need to be written! I shall get to them as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for them.

Thanks for following me and reading this, hoe to catch you again soon!

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