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Promo Post: Throne of Lies by Sara Secora

Throne of Lies (Amethysta Trilogy #1)
by Sara Secora
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: August 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

As a seventeen-year-old ruler chafing under the obligations of her bloodline, Princess Amethysta Serelle finds the royal life anything but enchanting. 

Betrothed to a nefarious highborn, Amethysta's heart mourns her lost chance at love—that is, until she becomes mesmerized by someone other than her suitor, and her heart begins to beat anew.

Desperate to keep her daughter on the path toward duty and the throne, the queen keeps a deadly secret. But as Amethysta balances the burden of expectations and freedom, the glowing, blue truth will not stay hidden for much longer.

Desire and duty battle on, further complicated by strange occurrences happening to Amethysta’s body. She struggles for control as her once unquestioned reality is obliterated.

Will she discover the truth, in her heart and hands, before it’s too late? 

Book Trailer:

Placing an elbow on my knee, I hunched over and rested my chin on my open palm. Gehlin had taught me that acting a part was critical for a ruler. “You mustn’t show weakness, even when at your weakest,” he had said. I struggled greatly with pretending to feel things I didn’t and with becoming the person I was expected to be.

A butterfly flitted by and landed on the top tier of the fountain, only inches away from the trickling water. I recognized the butterfly from one I’d seen in a book; it was known as a Glasswing. Having never laid eyes upon a Glasswing in person, I wanted a closer look. 

Standing, I gripped the edge of my gown, holding it just above the shallow water. I tiptoed forward, careful not to step on any fish. Gingerly, I coaxed the creature onto my index finger. The butterfly’s transparent wings slowly rose and fell as it stayed perched on my finger. Bringing the butterfly closer to my face, I studied its tiny features. I understood why they called this butterfly a Glasswing. The entirety of its wings and even its body was nearly transparent. The only opaque portion was a slight outline on its outer edges, almost as if the butterfly had fluttered off a canvas before the painter could apply color. 

I was bringing the creature even closer to my face as a strong wind blew and the butterfly flew away, taking off toward the lilies that lined the pathway of the garden. Settling back down on the edge of the fountain, I admired the Glasswing butterfly from afar as I returned to my thoughts.

About the Author:
Sara Secora has a passion for all things gamer and nerdy, as evidenced on her YouTube channel, AviGaming. She is also a well-branded voice over artist.

Secora has always been in love with writing, and nearly a decade ago, she finally turned her talents to the arduous endeavor of authoring an exciting fantasy trilogy. Her whimsical stories are full of enchantment, mystique, and insight—destined to intrigue readers of any age. 

Secora lives in Detroit, Michigan, where she continues to explore old and new avenues for her talent and hard work.

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Throne of Lies by Sara Secora

Throne of Lies

by Sara Secora

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