Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ship It Or Rip It Part 5

Welcome to the fifth installment of this. As always, I'd love to hear some feedback from you.

I've since added Call, Tamara and Aaron from the Magisterium series to the list of characters included. Let me know of your favourites that you would like to see!

Jace (The Mortal Instruments) and Newt (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

Nope. Could not see this happening at all. Jace is way too badass and moody to deal with my precious darling Newt. Newt cares too much about animals to have time for Jace's adventures. And besides, I could see Newt wanting to help save demons rather than slay them...

Verdict: Rip it.

Merlin (Arthurian legend) and Chase (Raised by Wolves)

Oh wow, this is actually worse than Jace and Newt! Merlin the magnificient sorceror and Chase, the moody werewolf. Definitely would never happen. I actually can't even vaguelly imagine it. 

Verdict: Rip it.

Luna (Harry Potter) and Aaron (Magisterium)

You know what? I actually can imagine this. Aaron is such a lovely, funny, sweet guy and Luna is so pretty and individual, it would just work so well. Luna wouldn't care about Aaron's fame and importance and would just love him for his bravery.

Verdict: Ship it.

Sam (Gone series) and Tamara (Magisterium)

Yes yes yes! The hero from the FAYZ and the heroine from the Magisterium?? Perfect match! Gosh, I ship Sam with anyone other than Astrid to be honest. Definitely down for this pair, they would get along so well!

Verdict: Ship it.

Drake (Gone series) and Aspen (The Selection)

So even though I hate both of these characters with a passion, I still don't think they would be good for each other. Drake is just pure evil. He doesn't belong with even the worst person ever. Aspen is just a whiny pining bloke who needs to grow a pair.. I think Drake would actually kill him rather than be with him.

Verdict: Rip it.

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Thanks for reading! I've loved doing these posts and the fantastic ships that come out of it. Are you enjoying them? If so, comment your views below and any characters you would love to see included next time!

Also, as a personal update, I have now finished uni for the year so over the next few months I shall be catching up on the review posts I need to do, and hopefully sharing some other things too!

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