Thursday, 26 November 2015

Plymouth Medicine Interview

After having a rather relaxing week off school, tomorrow I must return to the dreadful 6:15a.m. rise. Although, this time, it's for another interview!
I'm off to Plymouth, which is thankfully only about 40 minutes away, for my second medicine interview. Again, I'm a little nervous but now that I've done one interview, it doesn't feel quite so daunting.
Despite the fact that my top two choices are Cambridge and Edinburgh, Plymouth would be quite a nice place to go to as I will be able to still live at home. Why is that a good thing? Because someone else can still do my cooking and cleaning and be my personal assistant whenever I'm ill.
Living at home while at uni is something quite looked down upon in nowadays, but I think there are many benefits to it. I'm not a party kind of person, so I don't feel like I will be missing out on the 'uni experience' (aka spending every night in a bar). On the other hand, I am really looking forward to moving out and having the independence that will come with any of my other choices.
Another thing I like about Plymouth is that, as it is very close, I volunteer at the hospital associated with the medical school and I did work experience at the medical school, so it is all rather familiar to me.

Returning to Cambridge, I got my BMAT results yesterday, which is the entrance exam to do medicine there. I'm rather pleased with my two main results as I scored above average. However, although I wasn't expecting my essay to be very good, I am still awfully disappointed by my result for it. I hope the rest of my application makes up for it so I still get an interview!

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