Monday, 8 February 2016

Harry Potter Colouring Book Part 2

I won't lie, I've been bitten by the adult colouring bug and seriously infected. I love it!
As someone with depression and anxiety, colouring gives me a break and a distraction. Plus it's quite a nice break from A-levels too. 
I bought a nice pack of Faber Castell eco-pencils recently. I really recommend buying them from Staples as the 36 pack cost me less than £5!
So here is my next piece from the beautiful Harry Potter book. I shall hopefully be getting my hands on the new Harry Potter one soon too.
The background of this picture was done with Crayola pencils. They are cheap, yet give beautifully bright colours. The rest was done with my lovely new Faber Castells that are so smooth to colour with, and blend brilliantly. I am super happy with them!
I'd love to hear some feedback!

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