Thursday, 3 March 2016

World Book Day 2016

So, the most important day of the year in the book world is here! Happy World Book Day to fellow bibliophiles world wide, although I believe it's only celebrated today in the UK.

Now that I'm in sixth form, dressing up as my favourite book character is no longer an option, which is a real shame. I remember those primary school costumes that my mum spent hours on, my favourites being this beautiful mermaid tail we made with individual scales (although it was a pain to sit down in) and one year we had to wear a book-themed hat, for which we made this Charlotte's Web inspired top hat, with straw and soft animals.
There are also more recent memories, such as only a few years ago when I went as a shadowhunter, which was a lot of fun. I also went as a Hogwarts student numerous times.

World Book Day was first celebrated in 1995, and has become an annual celebration ever since, loved by bookworms both young and old. It's mostly celebrated in Primary Schools to encourage young children to read more, especially nowadays when games consoles and TV are becoming more and more popular. I highly support this motive, ass I feel that reading is an important part of development to both encourage imagination, and to help people become more accepting and open-minded of the world, and to help them in making decisions. For me, I find it much easier to make difficult and stressful decisions, if I can relate it to a book character and remember how they reasoned through it.

Although I always have numerous books on the go, I usually have a main one that is my priority to finish. Currently, Cress by Marissa Meyer is my main read, and I love it so much! The Lunar Chronicles just get better and better. I hope that I shall finish it soon, with a book review being posted within the next week.

So what books are you currently reading? And, if you're celebrating world book day, what are you up to?

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