Sunday, 6 March 2016

#SundaySeven (06/03/16)

It's that time of the week again! Just like last week, I really struggled to narrow it down to just seven photos, but I think I've found a good way of doing it now. I think I have even chosen a completely different group of accounts this week, which makes things even more fun! And I promise, there's a lot less Harry Potter in this weeks bunch.

So, now for less waffling and more photos!


So, here is my favourite photo of the week! As you can see, it's very different from the top photo last week. I stumbled across this one when searching through the #conniggulden tag. I'm a huge fan of this series! I love the background to the photo, and the red rose just really finishes off this photo.


Funnily enough, second place is taken by the same book! It goes to show that sometimes it's not just what you do to the book, but what book you use. As mentioned last week, I desperately want to read this book, and I fall in love with the cover a little more each time. I'm not sure what it is that makes me love this photo, but I really enjoy the contrast between the city on the cover and the natural wood background.


I'm not a huge fan of snow, and I totally agree with Tracey that March shouldn't have snow, but I have to admit it allows for some stunning photos! I have seen a few snow photos this week, but this one really takes my breath away. It really feels like an isolated winter wonderland, and it just looks so beautiful!


England celebrated World Book Day this week, and so bookstagram was full of hundreds of photos of us celebrating our favourite day. This was made for a shop display and, whilst not the usual bookstagram post, it is absolutely stunning! A cute little dress made out of books? Yes please! Where can I buy one?


Fifth spot this week is also taken by a book with some petals! Shadow and Bone is another book that has been on my tbr for a while now. I've heard that the book is a mixture of horror and fantasy, and I think the roses and petals really show that. Some still look full of life, representing the fantasy, whilst others are withered and decaying, showing that a horror lies underneath. Great photo!


This weeks #SundaySeven wouldn't be complete without a Cassandra Clare book because Lady Midnight comes out in two days!!!! I cannot contain my excitement!! I love photos where a book is featured on top of a sea of open books, and this one really caught my eye because I am a huge fan of anything and everything Shadowhunters!


Quite a few of Eleni's photos actually ended up in my shortlist for this weeks post, but this one was the only one to make it to the top 7. Look at those shoes! I'm really not a heel girl and I don't think I could make it 3 steps in them! But the colour of the shoe matches the books perfectly, and it's such a lovely colour.

Thankyou for reading, and thanks to all the bookstagram accounts (both those featured, and the countless others I poured through in order to decide on my seven).

None of these photos are mine, and I have credited the account and notified them that I am using their image. Occasionally, it is known for accounts to repost photos without crediting the original owner. I do not support this. All photos are, to my knowledge, original to the accounts credited. If not, I will happily amend and assist in reporting accounts that are stealing photos. (To the accounts featured: I am not suggesting this applies to you, I am merely covering myself. This paragraph shall feature on all #SundaySeven posts in the rare and unfortunate case problems may occur.)

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