Sunday, 3 April 2016

#SundaySeven (03/04/16)

I've been very busy this week with some family from Cambridge being down and catching up on school work. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen that I've been to Tintagel (one of my favourite places) and to Geevor. I've also been busy with school work, which is why this post is a lot later than usual. 


Eleni has featured before and, unsurprisingly when you look at her photos, loads of hers made it to my shortlist this week. In fact, I love this photo so much, it actually makes me wish I had enjoyed the book a lot more. I just love the collection of items that match the book's theme and colours and the way it is just so fantastically done.


April first is, of course, April Fools Day and Lindsay posted this snap of her joke tbr. But look how beautiful that edition is! I totally want! As you may have noticed, I love photos full of little, random objects that compliment it. I just love the cards as well! I wonder if they have a meaning, or if they were just chosen at random. I love her account, and her more recent photo of The Paladin was in my shortlist for this week too!


I know, I know, I had a Lady Midnight spam a few weeks ago, but I couldn't resist choosing this beautiful photo of Jennifer's! For someone who hasn't read the book, the accessories are spot on! The jewellery makes me think of the Fair Folk and Mark and Kieran, and the sea shells tie in with the LA beach that the institute is near (and let's not forget that scene that occurred on the beach). Also, I do love the idea of using book pages as a background!


Similar to my second choice last week, I still clearly have a thing for rainbow books and doodles. My rainbow book tags always look awful, but ones like Sofie's are stunning! I may have to take some inspiration from this next time. Rainbow book photos always just make me 'aw'. 


Twice in one week! Wow Eleni, your photos really are stunning this week! But how could I ignore this photo? (And those black page edges!) The only thing I love more than rainbows or accessories in a photo is more books! I also love the plant that's currently featuring in most of her photos. And, well, I can't help but notice Lady Midnight in the corner!


Of course, it's not a #KatticusSundaySeven without a little of my Harry Potter love. Or, in this case, a lot as the next photo is also Potter themed. I love the pop, I love the socks, I love the notebook, I love the photo! Even though I'm a Hufflepuff, I love all the red and am totally in love with this cute little photo. Also, Jessica is releasing her book The Paladin this week!! Totally going to get my hands on it when I have a little more money.


And, of course, some Potter love to wrap up this post. I love how this photo is almost symmetrical, but not quite. I also love the little Potter items and the way they are arranged around the books. It's so organised yet so cute! (And I'm a huge funko fan, so bonus points there!)

Thankyou for reading, and thanks to all the bookstagram accounts (both those featured, and the countless others I poured through in order to decide on my seven). 

None of these photos are mine, and I have credited the account and notified them that I am using their image. Occasionally, it is known for accounts to repost photos without crediting the original owner. I do not support this. All photos are, to my knowledge, original to the accounts credited. If not, I will happily amend and assist in reporting accounts that are stealing photos. (To the accounts featured: I am not suggesting this applies to you, I am merely covering myself. This paragraph shall feature on all #SundaySeven posts in the rare and unfortunate case problems may occur.)

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