Sunday, 22 May 2016

#SundaySeven (22/05/16)

Apologies for not updating last week, I was too busy. In light of that, this week includes photos from the past two weeks. 


First place this week goes to Ally again! Rebel of the Sands is sat on my floor waiting to be read, but I'm yet to get round to it. The cover though is absolutely stunning! I love this photo as it's so simple yet so pretty. Although the book is set in the desert, it looks so stunning in the woods.


This photo welcomes Alex back to the Sunday Seven. As you know, I'm a huge potterhead, and this photo is one of the best ones I've seen. Although the pinecones give this an Autumn/Winter vibe, it still looks super simple yet super awesome. 


Caroline's account is a new discovery to me, but I am so in love with it! I love the colour purple and I love how all the little bits and bobs work together to create such a cute little photo!


Told you I loved this account! Purple and orange are not two colours I would put together, but this looks gorgeous! 

This pretty, old looking photo is Anjuli's second time in my top seven. Not only do the colours work together so well, I love the map background too! As well as that, she managed to spell her name using just Pratchett books. Isn't that so cool?


With this being Demmi's sixth feature, I'm considering banning her account and just giving her an honorary mention every week for being too good. (Just kidding!) I have no idea where she gets her inspiration from. By going on her account to get the link for it, I've actually just discovered a photo that will probably be in next week's seven already. 
On to this photo: it's so stunning! I love how the covers join together to match the picture (totally need these editions now) and the simple idea of throwing in lots of pretty shells just makes the picture something special.


Although only Mai's third feature, she has been in the shortlist every week since I discovered her account. She's currently going for this gorgeous theme involving the cushion and those candles. It's something so different compared to the usual themes on bookstagram. I'm a huge music fan, as well as a musician, so initially it was those cute bookmarks that caught my eye but that cover of Little Women is so pretty! Love this photo, and a great way to wrap up the post.

Thankyou for reading, and thanks to all the bookstagram accounts (both those featured, and the countless others I poured through in order to decide on my seven). 

None of these photos are mine, and I have credited the account and notified them that I am using their image. Occasionally, it is known for accounts to repost photos without crediting the original owner. I do not support this. All photos are, to my knowledge, original to the accounts credited. If not, I will happily amend and assist in reporting accounts that are stealing photos. (To the accounts featured: I am not suggesting this applies to you, I am merely covering myself. This paragraph shall feature on all #SundaySeven posts in the rare and unfortunate case problems may occur.)

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