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Dog Walks: Golitha Falls

Golitha Falls - 20/07/2018

Hi guys! So I thought I would do a new series of posts on my blog featuring some of my favourite dog walks. In case you didn't know, there are three dogs in my household: the family dog Merlin, a black labrador, my brother's dog Ringo, a black Jack Russell, and my dog Evie, also a black labrador.

One of the many falls at Golitha

Evie's standard walks are usually in the lanes where I live in Cornwall, or down to the river for a swim, or into some fields for a run. However, when I have free time I like to visit a variety of places. Living in the South West means that there are so many gorgeous walks, and I think it's about time I share them with you! 

Although we haven't had much rain lately, there was certainly
enough water to keep Golitha looking very pretty
As I'm on summer at the moment, I've made a list of places I would love to go and take Evie to. The first one we ticked off our list was Golitha Falls, a very pretty river/woodland walk on the edge of Bodmin Moor, near Liskaerd.

As you can see, the many falls made a beautiful walk

It's a place that I keep meaning to visit, especially as it is only half an hour from where I live, but I never got around to going!
Along with the falls, there were many parts of the
river that Evie could swim in
Like a typical labrador, Evie loves swimming and it's very difficult to get her out of the water.

Evie enjoyed the walk
It was very cool in Golitha

It was a lovely little walk where you follow the river and admire the falls, then come back through the woods at the end. I was gone for most of the afternoon as I spent a lot of time sat on the rocks and just enjoying the day while Evie swam. Although parts of the walk were fairly flat and accessible, parts did involve climbing over rocks so it's not for the less adventurous of us!

Evie's new favourite place

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have any recommendations for walks down in the South West? If so, comment them below!

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