Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Dog Walks: Lifton Recreation Field

Lifton Recreation Field - 28/07/18

Hi guys! So last Saturday I decided to take Evie to a local dog show in Lifton after work. Although she didn't do too well, she did win 5th in Best Short Coat, Fancy Dress and Waggiest Tail and 6th in Best Movement.
Evie looking proud with her rosettes
Evie's first prize would have been Fastest Bonio Eater but the show forgot the biscuits.. The class was then replaced with Most Like The Owner, which is terrible as Evie and I are complete opposites!

The river in the park was pretty
As the weather held off a little longer, and to reward Evie, we had a run around the park and found this gorgeous river running along the bottom of the field.

It was nice and quiet with just Evie and I
If you read my last post, you would know that Evie loves the water! It was so hard to get her out of here in the end because she kept swimming around and finding more sticks to play with.

The bridge was really picturesque
Thanks for reading, catch you later!

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