Thursday, 23 August 2018

Dog Walks: Kit Hill

Kit Hill - 16/08/18

One of the historic buildings included on the walk
I took Evie to a dog show in St Dominick a couple Sundays ago, and she did me proud winning 2nd in both most cuddliest dog and best sporting dog!

Got a little bit closer for this one...
After the show, we popped back to Kit Hill for a quick run around the stack at the summit. Although I used to go there quite regularly, I hadn't been for years and so I added it to my list of places to take Evie.
Evie enjoys posing
We did the circular walk starting from the bottom car park that goes up to the shaft then down around the quarry before heading back to the start. It takes about 2 hours to do, although I stopped to take lots of photos in the process.

The shaft
We really enjoyed our walk around the hill exploring all the old mining buildings.

The shaft up close
The view from the top is quite breathtaking

Proper poser...

Evie is good off the lead and sticks to the path, which is good as it is known for adders and mine shafts...

Suitable footwear is required, especially for the second half of the walk, as it got quite rocky.

These little stones guided
the way
Evie had a quick paddle in the quarry

The only complaint I had was that the route wasn't the easiest to follow, and I certainly deviated from the proper path a few times. A few more guide stones would have been useful!

Thanks for reading! Keep your eyes open for our next adventure!

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